2021 March: Monsters and Improved Intro Scene

Dear candidates,

A lot of monster sprites and weapon sprites were finished this month. This is really great progress since the pixel art assets take the most time in development. Puzxle is working on the custom graphics as well. Here's what we've made so far.




Paslime and Slimes

Custom intro graphics

We're inching closer to the updated demo! I think I can finish it by the end of this month. Stay tuned!

- Verinius

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Looks awesome...and really scary! Do I have to redownload the demo to play the new update when it comes out?

Yes, you'll have to redownload it. I'm not sure if the Itch app has an automatic update system, but if you're using browser for sure you'll have to redownload it. > 3<


I do agree, it's time consuming to create art assets. Even trying to make character sprites takes time though in my case I actually edit the graphics (creating the parts in the Character Generator and editing/recoloring them in paint.net). My characters are 72x48 and are based on the default MV graphics. Here are three I've made:

MV characters

Rebecca, Felicity, and Alyssa

Interesting to see even Lawmage Academy include slime monsters. Of course, slimes are one of the default enemy images included in RPG Maker MV so any MV game set in a medieval fantasy setting will probably include them.

Right?! I like your sprites btw. They're taller than the default chibi!

Yes, I also used the default assets as references for color palette and shading. It saves me time. ^-^


Thanks. I also based my enemy ideas from the default graphics (like the plants and spiders) but I do have some original enemies like a soldier from an empire, a spider-human hybrid (humans who have spider traits a la Marvel's Spider-Man), and elemental enemies.

I was looking on the RPG Maker Forum and found a Book Menu plugin from taaspider. I don't know if Lawmage Academy could use it but I found it could be used as a codex or help menu though the main menu may need some editing. Also I have tried out the demo specifically version 0.6 from November 2020.

Thanks for sharing! That's good to know, but I think I'll stick to my current systems for now. Adding another plugin means I have to do more testing and stuff. > 3<"

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