The Soloist Update has arrived in Lawmage Academy!

Greetings candidates,

Welcome to the Soloist Update (v0.8)!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you did everything alone?

After a successful launch of the House Mentors update (v0.7), I decided to refine the solo route for the game along with new battle backgrounds, balance changes, some added features, and bug fixes.

The solo route refers to doing things alone during key moments of the game, specifically the Combat Basics class, Aura Breaks class, and the first Exam Day. In those two events, you are given the option to bring friends with you. However, you may also decide to remove everyone from your party and complete these events alone.

Upon testing the solo route, I found numerous bugs and dialogue glitches. That is why I reworked the interactions in the solo route. Naturally, your friends' dialogues won't appear, but something else happens. Can you find out what it is?

If you are up to the challenge, do give it a try. It will be a difficult challenge and I consider this to be the "Hard Mode" for the game. However, do note that all the experience points will go to the main character when fighting alone to compensate for the lack of party members.

Another major addition is the new battle backgrounds. I hope you enjoy rediscovering the areas where battles occur. It's something to look forward to in this playthrough!

Lastly, I addressed most of the concerns involving the v0.7 demo. There were some minor bugs and typos that needed to be fixed, and a few balance tweaks to make the Headmaster's Exam more bearable. I also added the ability to view the calendar from the bulletin board.

If you have any feedback, suggestions, or bug reports, you can use the comments section here in Itch. I make it a point to check notifications every day so as not to miss your input. You can also join the Discord server and interact with other candidates!


Don't forget to WISHLIST Lawmage Academy on Steam!

- Verinius


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Sep 03, 2021
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I managed to beat 0.8 with just Syle in the Soulstice House with Enburn as her first spell. It's definitely a challenge to fight with just Syle due to the game's formations being suited with 3-4 party members in mind. Here are my experiences on it:

  • Combat Basics (both visits) are doable though the Fire Spirit can be difficult depending on what spells Syle has.
  • Aura Breaks starts getting difficult as the enemies there can easily defeat Syle. Level grinding to around grade 8 is needed to defeat the Ogres who can be difficult since they have two attacks that stun Syle. I used the Golems to level grind using Enaqua which Syle can learn from Spellcasting: Basics (using the Provision option) or completing Lost Book. If Syle doesn't Alyssa and/or Ein when reaching the bridge, the game will skip the battle.
  • The Fairy Forest is doable since you have Uni who can easily defeat the fairies. The Fairy Clip is helpful even though it only gives 50 MP rather than 100. The Earth weakness is not a downside since no enemies as of 0.8 (probably except the Gnome) use Earth attacks. Breaking the crystal may be helpful due to the two items but I didn't break the crystal in my playthrough.
  • The Headmaster is nothing different in a soloist run. It can be challenging but anything Snofawks is weak against should work. Using Enaqua should be avoided.
  • The third visit to Arashya Forest can be challenging since the Buraflux and Venoflower will initially outspeed Syle and the latter has poison attacks. A good way I level grinded is to use the two Buraflux encounters in the map east of the save point, and using Guard, Enheal, and Strafe. It will take a lot of battles to get Syle to Grade 15.
  • First Mission to defeat the Garuda requires getting Syle to around Grade 15. I couldn't use the Enheal Crystal since the Garuda will otherwise stun and kill Syle. The issue would be the Poison Feather which poisons Syle, and Double Peck and Talon Slash which can do a lot of damage. Saving before the battle and using Health Potions will help.
  • The Buraflux fight in the Exam didn't seem difficult at Grade 17. I just used Strafe and Senburn to defeat them.
  • The Paslime and two Slimes is similar to the Garuda fight. After killing the two Slimes, it's probably easier than the Garuda since the Paslime doesn't have a followup attack and doesn't hit him/her twice. Toxic Sludge can be a problem due to poison but using Health Poisons will help.

The other issue would be the obstacles that require spells or shards. Since Syle can only get two elemental spells (one from Spellcasting: Basics and the other from completing/failing Lost Book), one of them will require a shard. In my playthrough, I started with Enburn and learned Enaqua from completing Lost Book. Enheal can be obtained from the Trader but you can get the Enheal Crystal.


First off, amazing demo to play!! Second, is there plans to show progress of the bond system besides Past telling you can further bond with that person. Third, will romancing a character be an option? If not, I am fine without, but it would be fun to have though. Last of all, have you consider adding a way that the other characters that are not in the party, get exp too? I am asking because in the future I can infer that character not in party could easily left behind.


Hello! Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

1.) Showing bond system - So far, no plans right now. It needs more programming knowledge on my end to make a custom menu just for that. While I could learn the skills and make assets for it, I would rather spend time and resources on completing the game as it is now since it is functional. >.<

2.) Yes, there will be a sort of "romance" mechanic more similar to Fire Emblem Three Houses.

3.) Probably not. However, to compensate for it, there will be Grade Stamps available and higher exp yielding monsters in later dungeons. Furthermore, the max level cap is 50 and levels don't really give much stats. Most of the stats will come from equipment to encourage crafting. In this way, party members who are behind in levels can still be useful.

Come to think of it, there can be side-quests or side-activities to give certain characters extra EXP upon completion as a way to make them catch up.


1. Thank you for reply!

2. If you dont mind me asking, for the romance system if it is going to be similar to Fe3 Houses then are going to make eventually make it where characters get bond levels by battle with together, have different bond levels, get stats increase by bond levels, and etc.

3. If you dont mind me asking how did you create everything from the sprites, movement, leveling system, and more? I am asking because before I found this game I wanted to create a game based on magic school and stuff, and as a result, the game would have been similar to this, but eventually I want to create something of my own, just want to know what did you use to start creating your game, if you dont mind. Also to preface, I am not trying to copy your game or anything.


1. The bond system is more akin to Persona 3 and 4 where you increase bond level by spending time with them. However, the romance system in particular will follow FE3 Houses and Mana Khemia. I can't say what it is yet exactly because it's not 100% decided yet. ^-^"

2. I used RPG Maker MV and most of the systems are already in place. As for the sprites, I had to learn pixel art myself. Best of luck with your magic school project! Let me know how it goes!


Thank you 

Also if you dont mind a shameless plug??? I am going to create a youtube video on your game for my channel. I do not any subscribers, but I thought maybe if for some reason that video blows up at least you will have some traffic. Likewise, I am asking because I know some people do not like channel plugs, so I am asking you before hand to do so.

P.S. If not I will not post the channel link and I completed the game once, so I have a good understand on the game.


Yes please! Content creators are welcome to share and promote their videos here. <3


I would imagine a solo run on an RPG would be difficult though the obvious obstancles would the Garuda who could hard to kill with just Syle (trying to fight it with Alyssa and Ein was impossible for me) and the Paslime who has an attack that deals around 1/3 of Syle's Health. Lastly Syle may have to use Shards to get past obstancles until he/she gets those spells since you won't have Alyssa, Ein, or Jin to take care of them for you. Also I assume the party earns less EXP with 2-4 members (I think previous versions had the same EXP distribution regardless of party members) but you mentioned that Grades (Levels) don't give much stats since most stats are from equipment similar to Terraria.

I would wonder how some scenes would look with just Syle (i.e., without other party members or NPCs) since it would look wierd without Syle speaking/thinking.

When I play 0.8, I'll try to comment on it. As for macOS, I'm not sure how Lawmage Academy will work on Big Sur due to Apple deprecating OpenGL support as mentioned here on RPG Maker Web (Windows and Linux are unaffected and should still work).

Yeah, I probably won't be able to support future MacOS.


I was wondering if a full solo run is possible since some parts of the game have a character join Syle: the first Aura Breaks class adds Alyssa midway (I assume if you choose to help), Aura Skills has a battle with Jin joining Syle, and the Fairy Forest adds Uni. I assume a soloist run means only using Syle in missions and not adding Alyssa, Ein, etc.


Thank you so much for doing this!

Aah, you're welcome! I hope you didn't run into any game breaking bugs. ^-^"

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Not yet. I only just finished downloading the update, I'll let you know how it goes.


Got it. Let me know if ever you do. Enjoy!