WARNING: On the fake Lawmage Academy token circulating online

Dear candidates,

I have been notified that there is an account claiming to be affiliated with Lawmage Academy and selling Lawmage tokens / cryptocurrency. 

They are NOT in any way affiliated with me. Note that the official social media accounts for Lawmage Academy are listed in this Itch page. 

Thank you very much,

- Verinius

Update: The scammers' Twitter account has been deleted and I was able to claim the @LawmageAcademy tag on Twitter.

Screenshots :

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Hopefully no damage has been done to you or the game because of this act..


I had no idea someone would try to steal or pretend to be a Lawmage Academy account. Of course RPG Maker is no stranger to thefts and scams and I've seen this happen before; I remember Yanfly having problems with people stealing code from their plugins a few years back where someone from Hong Kong basically resold their free content which I think led to Yanfly charging for their plugins as of November 2019 and Visustella obfuscating their plugins.

I am not sure how easy can people pretend to be Lawmage Academy on Twitter and other social media sites. Usually real video game/company Twitter accounts have a ☑️ which indicates it's verified and likely made by the company whereas a normal Twitter account lacks the checkmark suggesting an account pretending to a game or company isn't legitimate. Since our accounts aren't verified, I'm sure confusion between official and fake accounts will be common especially with Lawmage Academy getting more known whereas Adventures of Rebecca is kind of unknown and is still a work in progress but I'm sure if AoR gets more known and popular, it could suffer a similar issue.

Generally if my work/character/etc. is similar to another work, most of the time it's a coincidence. For example, my character Felicity could be compared to Super Mario's Rosalina or Frozen's Elsa since they wear a blue dress and have blonde hair.️️

Right. I filed a verification application with Twitter yesterday. Hopefully they approve it to secure the community even further.