Lawmage Academy: House Mentors is now LIVE! (v0.7)

Greetings candidates! 

Four Lawmages have returned to the Academy to guide the new batch of candidates. Are you ready to meet your Mentors and pass your first exam? 

I've been working hard these past weeks to complete the rest of the demo. The House Mentors update (v0.7) features the remaining storyline content from the v0.5 demo. There are also new illustrations, balance changes, and bonus content for you to discover. After finishing the basic classes, you will unlock more features that will showcase the core gameplay loop more completely. You will get a glimpse of how the game's mechanics and structure will feel like in the final version.

This is what I hoped v0.6 would be when I released it last year, but due to time constraints, I wasn't able to finish everything. Still, I am glad to have released v0.6 to the public so I can get feedback early on and fix some important issues. With your help, I was able to refine the demo and turn it into something amazing!

If you have any feedback, suggestions, or bug reports, you can use the feedback form on the main store page or leave a comment on the main page. I make it a point to check notifications in Itch every day so as not to miss your input. You can also join the Discord server and interact with other candidates!


Good luck and have fun!

- Verinius

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I have played 0.7 and done most of the game aside from A Lost Ring sidequest since I didn't have enough time to go through Arashiya Forest. At first it seems easy (aside from the battle in the Aura Breaks class which is impossible to win) but the challenge seems to spike after the Fairy Forest. The Garuda on the second visit to Xoclat Hills seems impossible to kill with just Syle, Ein, and Alyssa if you haven't acquired Jin or Lunelle, or even done the classes to unlock better equipment or spells. The Paslime encountered at the end of the demo is probably the toughest mandatory battle especially if you didn't recruit Jin or Lunelle since it can inflict Poison and has an attack that deals around 100 points of damage (at the level you take it on, that's about 1/3 of the party's Health).

I replayed Lawmage Academy and I noticed the introduction seems slow-paced compared to other RPGs although the classes are brief. Most notably Syle's first combat in the Arashiya Forest doesn't happen until around 2 hours in the game, and I think the main story of Lawmage Academy (which you get introduced to the Judges Circle) doesn't begin until the half-way in the Aura Breaks class which (for me) is about 8 hours in (though I actually studied Enheal and talked to Alyssa and Ein to get their Auras). After that and meeting the Headmaster, many of the game's features begin to open up. Since Lawmage Academy uses a magical school setting, the slow pacing is expected especially since the main quest is only on the 20th day but I did get a feeling of how the game works.

By the way, I noticed Ponelius doesn't appear after Combat Basics which Alyssa actually points out if you talk to her after the Aura Breaks class.

I think I recognize some of the graphics/tilesets being from FSM: Town of Beginnings and FSM: Woods and Cave Tiles which I purchased the former from Steam. The FSM graphics look better than the default MV one though it only has forest/grass graphics as well as sand and water. The doors can also fit my 48x72 characters although it won't fit the 96px characters which is why you edited the doors to match the sprites.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I'm just curious, the demo is estimated to be about 4-5 hours in playtime length. I was wondering how it took you 8 hours to reach Aura Breaks? Perhaps you explored a lot huh? That's pretty neat.


I believe I was exploring the game and admittedly I talked with Alyssa and Ein to get their Aura Skills, learned Enheal and Enaqua, and also donated to the Priest to get the Enheal Crystal which extended the time I got to the class. I also didn't skip the dialog using Page Down though since the game uses balloons and animations, the feature from the plugin may not help speed up scenes that use balloons, animations, and character movement.

Ah I see! Thanks! ^-^


You have come a long way! I can't wait to be able to play and showcase your game once it's fully released. Keep up the good work :D


Made sure to join the discord too!


Yaaay Dakede!