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"Learn spells, craft potions, make friends, and go on exciting adventures as you uncover the dark secrets of Lawmage Academy."




Discover your home among the 4 Academy Houses.

Learn spells by reading books and attending classes.

Fight strategically by exploiting weaknesses and breaking shields.

Gather various ingredients from breathtaking locations.

Craft potions and charms to aid you in missions.

Create meaningful bonds with your classmates and help them grow.

Explore the Academy and find secret rooms.

And many more...




Magusgaia, a country full of wonders, requires the assistance of Lawmages to protect it from the threat of magical creatures.

You are one of the few people invited to study in the prestigious Lawmage Academy.  Upon acceptance, you are assigned by the administrators to one of the Houses. 

You then proceed to the Academy, knowing little of the dark secrets that await you...




Z  |  J - Interact/Accept

X  |  K - Cancel/Menu

Arrow keys  |  WASD - Move

Left Shift - Dash



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Twitter: https://twitter.com/LawmageAcademy

Discord: https://discord.gg/rChgU5tTh7

FB: https://www.facebook.com/LawmageAcademy

IG: https://www.instagram.com/lawmage_academy/

Feedback form: https://forms.gle/km4TATTv4iAmD9MN9

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(104 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Anime, Meaningful Choices, Mystery, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial
LinksSteam, Twitter, Instagram


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I really love this guys 

I'm happy that you love it!

(1 edit) (+1)

Few questions, as you know from my username.

1. Will there be a mobile version? I'd doubt it since I assume this is your first game, but I would rather be sure than be wondering for 20 years.

2. Will there be more games like this created by you? I love the concept of the game, the pixel art style, and so on. I would love to see more like this.

3. Will the fully released version have to be paid for? I'm asking this cause I usually don't spend money on games.

Also, maybe you remember me from the username relating to "I love Lawmage Academy." or something like that.

edit: Trying the game now after about 5 months, excited to see how it's changed.

Hello! Welcome back!

1. I will focus on finishing the pc/mac version first then port to other systems. 

2. I would love to make more games so after I finish this, I will make more games!

3. Yes, but don't worry I will find ways to do giveaways as well by engaging with the community. e.g.) Discord

P.S. I haven't updated the game recently because this is the latest stable version. But I hope you find new things that you haven't encountered in your previous playthrough!


I have encountered a few new things, at least that I noticed.

1. I figured out how to get Enburn as the first spell that you learn, and I figure it's about how you answer, AKA your game personality.

2. I feel like the game was way longer than the last time I played this. I played this in the morning, and it was nighttime when I finished it. In my time zone, I would've played this at 4:56, and now it's 8:08 (PM).

3. I was amazingly invested, as last time it was just a time passer, and I was aware of my surroundings. However, through this playthrough, I've been staring at my computer for the longest time I have. 

You did great so far, and I hope when I come back in 5 months, yet again, there will be much more.


Aaaaah. Now you're giving me an idea. Since the game is far from being released, maybe I can update the demo instead with new side content and optimization in the first 2 months. OR I could add Month 3 to the demo. We'll see...


Looks good, love the battles.



The game won't be free, will it? What price are you expecting to put on.


Yes. For the full release I'm eyeing $20 USD on Steam. The price will be lower for other regions though.  I'm also open to doing discounts whenever I can.


seems good. Just finished the demo now and i really want an option to join the judges. also there is a typo in the first meeting with the manor of (forgot the name, but the ones that study alot). if i remember correctly there was an s missing the end of a word. also, probably just my shitty laptop, but the game freezes everynow and then, making me restart. again, likely just my ram. great game. cant wait for the full release. 


Ah thanks! I've fixed some typos already but haven't gone to update the demo since it's only minor issues. I probably covered that one. Well noted. There were random crashes and freezes in other people's game and streams, as you said it is most likely the person's hardware issue than an issue with the actual game code. I think the engine (RPG Maker MV) is also at fault though, sorry about that. ^-^"


Last question. Is it worth playing all the routes?


I'd say it is worth it to play at least twice. There's no definite "route" but every playthrough will most likely have a lot of little differences since you'll be making different decisions. Some people in the Discord have even played the demo more than 3 times. While there are a few different endings, things can also go slightly differently every game month since players have control of their schedule and responses to quests.


THIS GAME IS SO GOOD WHAT????? by the way, i've been wondering since i noticed ponpon (i think that's what his name is- the guy who got hurt in the fire with alyssa) was missing that i couldn't seem to find him?? What happened to him? Is he okay?

Thank you! Yes, he's ok. You can find him for some time resting in the Infirmary after Combat Basics. He will also be playable in the full game starting on Month 3. ^-^


Thank goodness! I was worried. can't wait for  the full game!


:( so sad that the game can't come out sooner! Love it so much-are you planning to finish by next year?

That's the plan! I'll try to finish by 2023. But if I can't, I'll give it more time because I'd rather ensure quality than to rush it.


Can't wait for the full game. Did not realize it wasn't complete, till game stopped. Nicely done so far.


insane game.


will there be dating and will there be a third option for that fairy quest instead of breaking it you restore it instead


1.) Sort of. Think more like Persona 3 or 4 where "dating" is more like spending quality time with friends and growing together.
2.) Probably not.


will there be ultimate skills per dorm 

The Aura Skills will be unique to each character. As for the main character, I'm still in the process of thinking about it. Maybe I vary the ultimate skill based on your House.

maybe do it for magic too


Just started playing the demo today! The graphics are great and eyecandy - main characters design, opening sequence and menu design. 

Thank you very much!

(1 edit) (+2)

will it be done soon and will outfits be different per house


It will take at least one more year to finish. The main character's outfit will change colors only.

(3 edits) (+1)

will there be different hair colors and will there be other ways to get the other skill books and i think it would be cool to have magic spell that instantly destroy shield or an aura skill that does the same cause that boss with 10 shield get very annoying but otherwise good game it is pretty close to perfect


For the main character, the hair color will stay the same.

Yes, there will be other ways to get spell books and learn other aura skills. It will be fun to play around with those. :)

I think the game is being a bit glitchy?

there is a giant white ball that's covering the entire center of the screen.

i'll try again with the index.html one and see.

just loads indefinitely it seems. guess might try pushing it through proton maybe instead of my systems default wine installation.

nope XD wont launch *shrugs* guess i'll keep trying this till i figure out what it is.

Are you using Linux? I'll ask around and see if my friend was able to make it work

ya, i'm running linux, gentoo to be specific.

it looks like it seems to work with wine using the Game.exe except for the visual glitches ,

there is like some weird white lines that appear just after exiting the first building but their very faint and easily ignored.
just after entering the main building for the first time there is a white orb and a ?battle? , the white orb stays covering the screen afterwards making it impossible to see anything.
oddly if i start i new game without rebooting the entire game first the white orb is still there in the new game, this is really the key point when i realized this white orb isn't actually suppose to stay there XD.


time to get wizarding again so let me get my owl my broom and wand and lets play lawmage academy and have fun =D


(2 edits) (+2)

I played through the entire demo in one sitting and it was a fantastic experience! Great fantasy-world visuals, great music, and the "Harry Potter meets JPRG" premise had me hooked. My favorite scene was the trial at the Falhert town, I had a good laugh at the game poking fun at how commonly accepted it is in video games to just barrage into random townspeoples' homes and steal their belongings, and I enjoyed seeing our heroes get actual consequences for doing so.

I was shocked at how much content there was since this is just a demo, but I'm excited for the full thing!

I had a good laugh at the game poking fun at how commonly accepted it is in video games to just barrage into random townspeoples' homes and steal their belongings

Exactly! Chrono Trigger did this and that inspired me to do something similar.

Thanks! I've been working on Month 3 lately. It will introduce the Duel System as a new game mechanic and expands content on the existing game mechanics. :D

Awesome! Is there a date/general timeframe for when we can expect Month 3 to drop? :o


Hmm I can't promise yet because I might just release the full game next. It might take a while so please stay tuned!


A very engaging and fun game, it kept me up all night until I finished it, I didn't realize it was a demo until it was too late though lol. I noticed something interesting though, in an event with one student I was asked what my family did and had a choice between merchant and farmer I think it was. Then in an event with the childhood friend, the topic was brought up again and he commented on my parents being merchants, so it seemed like my earlier choice affected this completely unrelated event. They were the one on one conversations if I wasn't being clear. Did my choice actually change the dialogue of a separate event or was it coincidence?

Thanks! Yes, your choice in Dialogue 1 affected the reply of a different character in Dialogue 2. I'm experimenting with different types of making choices. In some choices, it's obvious that it will make an impact later on. In other choices, like the one you mentioned, it seems like a very minor thing up until the game references it later. e.g.) Your background

What I plan to do is that you'll have these background checks every now and then and that could affect future quests. For example, if you're a merchant, you can sort of haggle with the traveling merchant in the first mission and you can sell the old coin (found in the cemetery) for a higher price.


That's really awesome and creative! It's subtle, but it's very immersive and improves the overall enjoyment. You're a genius!

Thank you for the kind words! A lot of things in the demo are experimental since it's my first game so it's good to know what people think of it. ^-^"


Very fun demo. enjoyed the game greatly. Good work

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

I can't seem to find glowshrooms??? Could someone help me out?

Go to Xoclat Hills, talk to the Fairy near the entrance and get transported to Fairy Forest.


Ok. Thanks


This is such an amazing game. I love it so much and got sad when I remembered it was a demo. I didn't want to stop playing. Your doing an amazing job!!!!

Thank you very much! I am happy you enjoyed it! <3



Would be Enheal upgraded to better version of that healing spell later in game or that going to be different spell?

I really want to learn some dark magic, when that possibility will be added?

That possible to obtain Glowshroom at demo? I really want that awesome Blood Cloak.


1.) There will be a different spell.

2.) Maybe. :)

3.) Yes, you can get those in the Fairy Forest in Xoclat Hills.


Thanks ‘>’


And here i though debuff spell was consider dark magic, i was wrong.

(3 edits) (+2)

Some questions.

A) Will there be character customization?

B) Will the gnome in Arashiya Forest mean anything in the story-line?

C) Will there be a dating system- Same sex or only the opposite?

D) Will you be able to learn spells like Transio, Enburn, or Enaero? (I know that time management is a big aspect to this game, so I suggest if you are going to add Transio, make it hard to get the spell book, and make the spell limited to where you go. ALSO! I think that Transio should only used outside. for example, fairy forest. Transio anywhere would make the keeper outside the houses useless)

And a reminder; Don't rush updates, remember to rest instead of always working on the game. Again, a reminder. Anyways, wish you well, stay safe and happy.


Hello! First of all, I love your name. Secondly, thank you for these questions.

A) No, because it's my first game and I don't have the technical capacity to do it yet. Character customization requires some bug testing and a lot of art resources so I won't be implementing that for this game.

B) Yes, but in a minor way. I will try to maximize every decision the player makes so players will feel that their decisions really matter.

C) In a limited way, yes. You can "date" all characters regardless of your gender, but their reactions will be different of course.

D) Enburn yes. You can learn it in the demo depending on your choices in the beginning of the game. As for other spells, I will still have to think about it. For Transio, right now my decision is no. There's a lot of factors to think about in terms of game mechanics and also lore wise. So I have to be careful about it.

Thank you very much for the words of encouragement too!

Ooh! I thought of one question just now, will atleast one of the enemies that we encountered in Arashiya Forest be friend-able?

Last question, I promise!

Yes >w>


In game you can use some teleports when you finished priority mission at the end of map (dont remember where ‘>’) and teleport closer to the exit, maybe Transio spell will be teleport character at this places using choice like mechanic? But it will be legal calendar count bypass and at my opinion may break calendar and end up in error with game crush. Crystals can also be used as teleport station and not only save progress (cliché). 

Ah yes in the Xoclat Hills dungeon, once you defeated the Garuda there will be a teleport portal that brings you to the entrance map. Do you mean like that?



Now I remember, I'm the guywholikeslawmageacademy but reincarnated.


Is anyone else's game not working or is it just me? It keeps on saying it something's wrong

Hi! Can you specify what operating system and computer you're using? Are you using MAC or Windows? What version? Any other details will help.


I'm using a macOS with an M1 chip and I'm not sure about the rest, sorry

Ahhh  I see. Can you click the apple icon at the top, click "About this mac", and tell me the details listed there?


ok, so it's a macOS air M1 2020 model with an 11.1 version with an Apple M1 chip it has a memory of 8GB and a macintosh HD startup disk?

I see. It's probably an incompatibility with 11.1 version. Sorry about that. :(


Hey there, i know my question will be some kind of spoiler but is there any stronger tipe weapon for bow and how do i get it? I mean after i read the second book at library i got a receip for cleric series weapon, but it's just for sword, mace, and spear.

Go get the Gold Ring in Xoclat Hills then talk to Khadir. It will trigger a questline for a better bow.

Um sorry but who i Khadir? I have a hard time for remembering NPC name

In Vissage Garden there is a shop that sells crystals.


Hey there, i wanna ask something.

How can i go into the hole in big tree at Arasia Forest?

When i try, it say the hole is too small for me to enter.

There's no way to go inside yet in the demo. Sorry!


It's ok, i just want to chek if i'm not miss any secret in the game.


Is there actually any other games with school system like this? If not let's hope this game inspires a whole generation of them.

I took inspiration from Persona 3/4 and Mana Khemia for the school system. I wanted to merge those two systems and so Lawmage Academy was created. ^-^



Will do! Thanks for the encouragement!


I was on Steam and saw about the Terraria wiki moving to wiki.gg. It me think that we and anyone making indie games could use wiki.gg to host a wiki. I believe from Year 1: The First Step from November 2019, it mentioned about a wiki, but the wiki network I mentioned could be great if you don't have your own server and don't want to use Fandom.

I had planned on a wiki once my game gets developed and shared, but I didn't want to use Fandom especially since they forced the FandomDesktop/Mobile skin and retired the Oasis/Hydra skin, a change that many people didn't like. I also found you on Discord and added you as a friend.


This game is one of the few that I will play over and over. I usually avoid playing demos because I would rather wait for the full game, but I do not regret trying the demo at all! There is so much to do and so many different choices that no matter how many times I play there is always something new to try. Can't wait for the full release!

Thanks tealoveraliza! That means a lot to me~


I love the game!  The art is great, and the system is really promising.  I can hardly wait to see what comes next!  I particularly like the idea of learning spells and such through studying texts.  I'd love to see that expanded.  I'm also digging the story!  Looking forward to more updates!

Thank you very much! Apologies for the slow updates. I'm giving the game as much time as it needs so it won't feel rushed. Thanks for your interest and for the kind words.


No worries!  Take the time to do it right.  I'd rather wait and have a great game then get updates and the quality fall short.  If you ever need writing/dialogue help, shoot me a message!


I wish more games have this format of school.


Thank you. I wish so too, so I just made a game that I want to play. >3<"


So far,its working ok in Joiplay Emulator

I hope the full version will also work on Joiplay.


Since this is a RPG Maker MV Game,its possible to port it on Android for the full version so it doesn't need Joiplay Emulator now.

I'll comment again if i experienced a error in Joiplay

I'll look forward to the full version next year!


Sure! I plan to finish the PC version first then hopefully port of mobile in the future.


RPG Maker MV and MZ do allow mobile exports though the game would need a lot of edits to work on mobile especially since phones tend to have smaller screens (a large screen tablet or Chromebook would be no issue) than computers. Another issue is that Lawmage Academy runs at 1280x720 which works perfectly for most Windows laptops and 16:9 monitors (although some computers, such as Macs, use different aspect ratios), but phones often have wider screens like 19:9, Android tablets are typically 16:10, and the iPad is 4:3. RPG Maker MV can work on a device's different resolution but the game will be letterboxed or pillarboxed. It can be more complicated for games that rely on files or plugins that are intended for a specific resolution where they may not work well if the project is edited to use a different resolution.

I believe Apple and Google do require some hoops similar to Steam, although iOS would require a Mac while Android development can work on Mac, Windows, and Android. There is a thread about this, Exporting to Android (MV Android Client). On a similar note, it's possible to upload Android games through itch.io which can be ran on any Android device, but the device will need to allow non-Google Play apps. In theory, they could also work on an Android emulator, a Chromebook, or Windows 11 if support arrives.

I assume on a modern Apple or good name brand device (Google, Samsung, and OnePlus), the games could work well but I can't guarantee how it'll perform for older or low-spec devices especially cheap no-name devices from Amazon as their specs tend to be poor for an Android 10 device.


So recently I've replayed this game and I really like it, but I have a question.

In the game there seems to be references to a possible "evil" route. Is there going to be an evil route or will doing bad things (like breaking the crystal in the Fairy village despite being told not to) during your time at the academy be overlooked? 

I'm sorry if you already answered this, but I love having the option to be evil or even just generally being the bad guy in these sort of games.

There are branching "paths" for sure. Whether or not that path is "evil" is up to the player to decide. :D


makes sense, after all, "good" and "evil" are all inherent concepts provided to us by our own perception of the world, what you consider to be "good" might be another person's "evil"


when will the full game be released 


I'm eyeing for a 2023 release to give myself enough time to finish it. :D


A friend told me to check this out and even though i haven't played the demo i'm already looking forward to the full release! best of luck to the developer(s) and i hope you guys stay safe <3

Thank you very much~ I hope you try out the demo, it's made with lots of love and it's free too! <3


great game! is this the full version because I don't see the word "demo"

Thanks! Yes, this is still the demo. I'm glad you liked it though!


Will there be an option to join the Judges circle? Being able to romance Judge Lothbrok would be incredible. 

Sorry but I can't answer that as it may be spoilers. Maybe, maybe not. ^-^


Will there be same sex romance


The "romance system" is more akin to Fire Emblem Three Houses' system and not like Persona. Having said that, you can be reach the most intimate level of friendship with any character and eventually choose 1 to "romance" regardless of sex.


opinion: you really are aught to feel proud of yourself for all the hours you poured into this project & pat yourself on the back too.

also please update your correct twitter handle maybe lol


Oh! Thanks for pointing it out!

Thank you for the kind words~


I have finally finished Lawmage Academy and I was surprised I got mostly everything aside from Enaqua from Lost Book and the crystal/armor from Fairy Forest. Here's the playlist of the videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMJBpY9PQYmDtYaSN3-VLyaOIfRdlQX0Q

I was impressed how mostly every NPC has a name similar to Fallout and Elder Scrolls. Most RPGs generally only games to major characters while the rest have generic names. After playing your game like 3 times, it seems like a coincidence how I have ideas similar to Lawmage Academy like the Lawmages (though my version is more like a magical version of law enforcement or guard), the prison/capture scene, and a large country though mine has several countries whereas LMA only has Magusgaia. In the case of the magic academy, the idea was inspired by Lawmage Academy as well as the Harry Potter books/films.


I remember people reporting an issue where the game picture would freeze although the music and sounds doesn't freeze. I suspect it may be a bug with RPG Maker MV since it can happen with other RPG Maker MV games (I had it happen when playing FSM Castle and Town's sample game).

Also, I discovered an oddity with Windows 11 when recording RPG Maker MV games due to how windows are rendered. When recording on Windows 11, there will be a black space on the bottom left and bottom right of the video when rendered through OBS' Window Capture which is due to having round edges in windows. On Windows 10, corners are sqaure and they're shown. A workaround is run the game in fullscreen (F4 or Fullscreen option) and record at the resolution you're running at. In my case, I set my monitor (which I have connected to my AORUS 15G) to 1280x720 which is the resolution for Lawmage Academy. Another option is to run it fullscreen and use F3 to run it at a normal size and try to position OBS so that the entire game will get captured. You can see the differences in this image although may need to download and zoom to see the differences.

Thanks for playing and sending all your comments! I'm glad you liked the demo for what it is. :D


where are the saves located?

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