Upcoming Streams and Youtube Videos!

Greetings candidates!

Lawmage Academy is getting some love from amazing content creators who support indie games! Here is the schedule for their upcoming shows! 


Twitch Streams: 

www.twitch.tv/ezjuice/ - October 12, 2 PM (GMT+1); 9 PM (GMT+8) 

https://www.twitch.tv/houradaygamer/videos - October 12, 9 PM (CST); October 13, 10 AM (GMT+8)

twitch.tv/hikariocailin - TBA


Youtube Playthroughs: 

Light of Apollo (Episode 4) - TBA 

Invadr Nym (Episode 2) - TBA


I will try to attend all the live streams and Youtube premieres to the best of my ability and interact with you all! See you there!

- Verinius

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